Studies and Research

Studies and Research

At Golden Tulip for studies and research we are passionately curious about people, markets, brands and society. We deliver information and analysis that makes our complex world easier and faster to navigate and inspires our clients to make smarter decisions.
We believe that our work is important. Security, Simplicity, Speed and Substance
applies to everything we do.

Through specialisation, we offer our clients a unique depth of knowledge and expertise. Learning from different experiences gives us perspective and inspires us to boldly call things into question, to be creative.

By nurturing a culture of collaboration and curiosity, we attract the highest calibre of people who have the ability and desire to influence and shape the future .

Our Techniques



The focus group is a qualitative research Method. It is a group discussion, conducted with 8 to 12 people by a skilled moderator..


The individual interview is a method of collecting information by a face-to-face contact with only one person.

Observation study

The observational study is to observe and analyse the behaviour of the individual in real time at consumption or purchase areas…



Is known by a large possibility to represent the population of study. The face to face is the most common way in the quantitative studies.


This investigation is characterized by a time-saving benefit and facility of use.
It’s used to measure customer’s satisfaction.
A CATI platform and a professional team of phone investigators are at Golden Tulip disposal.


With prior recruitment Golden Tulip has realized many studies with this technique. Participants are recruited by a specific method and then they are invited to a room where the test is conducted product test, taste test, behaviour test, concept test.

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